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Roland Arena, Lenzerheide

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Roland launches the spelt rusk in organic quality. It is made with no added sugar and contains exclusively natural ingredients.

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Roland launches a gluten-free and lactose-free crispbread, made from high-quality chestnut flour. Very crispy with an intense flavour, rich in manganese as well as vegan.

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The successful, gluten-free range is expanded with Roland Knäckers Gluten-free. Made from oats and rice, this gluten-free cracker has the texture of a super crunchy crispbread.

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Roland launches Roland Naturel in a practical mini format! This wholesome, all-natural cracker is made of 100% whole grain based on specially selected spelt and rye flour.

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The entire Roland range features a new design. Naturalness, authenticity and inviting product presentations characterise the new look of Roland.



Following the successful launch of Crispbread Gourmet in 2014, Roland expands its gluten-free range. Crispbread Intense. The new Crispbread Intense is incredibly crispy and made from tasty dwarf millet or "teff", which originates from Africa. It is very easy to digest and high in fibre.



Roland has developed unique multi-grain crackers that are exceptionally light and come in exciting flavour combinations. These new crackers provide a guilt-free crunchy treat to satisfy those little hunger pangs between meals. The high amount of whole grains, high-quality ingredients, important dietary fibres and added crunch make them the perfect snack for young and old alike.



Roland is launching a gluten-free version of its crunchy, tasty Zwieback. The gluten-free range now comprises three products – tasty crispbreads, crunchy sticks and delicious Zwieback.



After accurate and careful consideration Roland decided in 2014 to make an important step in the development and evolution of the brand. The number of people who are gluten intolerant is considerable und increases every year. The new crispy gluten-free Roland Gourmet is the answer to the needs of those consumers. Roland Gourmet gluten-free is produced with finest oatmeal, rich in fibres, without gluten and lactose. Since January 2014, it is available on the market.



With the cereal biscuits "Roland Petite Pause", Roland enters the "on the go" market.



The Roland logo and all packaging are modified. This way, the philosophy of "Swiss Quality and Tradition" is effectively highlighted.



In June 2008, Roland Morat SA is taken over by the Swiss bakery Cornu SA. Cornu SA is a family company in the French part of Switzerland and is managed by Marc-André Cornu, third generation of the family. Marc-André Cornu is a master baker and has learned a lot from both his Swiss and foreign experiences. Cornu SA has produced, since its foundation in 1934 by André Cornu, Marc-André's grandfather, the finest puff pastry products as well as other fine bakery products.



Roland Morat SA enlarges its range of appetizers and invests in a high technology puff pastry products range. The puff pastry breadsticks are called "Flûtes de Morat".



Thanks to the high quality of its products, the Roland brand reinforces his position on Swiss and foreign markets. In 1990, the decision to build a new factory is made. On 12th May 1995, production lines go into action in the brand new modern building.



Roland becomes even bigger and puts on the market its first Roland Pancroc.



Roland responds to the demand for healthy food and puts on the market the Roland wholemeal Zwieback. A year later, the Roland sugar free Zwieback is born.



Two years after the production of the first sticks, the production of famous Roland Bretzeli's (Pretzels) began. At the beginning, it was the agile hands of women which made every Pretzel, one after another. But soon, the demand increased and the investment in a machine that could make Pretzels itself was necessary. For 50 years now, Pretzels have been made with this machine and the quality is exactly as it would be if they were handmade.



When Leopold Schöffler died in 1949, his son Heinz took the company over. Thanks to his enthusiasm and good management, Roland Morat SA becomes one of the best companies in the fine bakery industry.

Step by step, the product range gets bigger. In 1949, Roland Sticks enter into the salty appetizer range.



The beginning of the first phase was difficult, but in 1941, the range got larger with the first production of the Roland Zwieback - a bold decision from the founder, who made big investments for such a young company.



In 1939, the first Crispbread production line was launched. Shortly after, the Second World War began. The refuelling of the Swiss population faced many problems, and rationing limited the amount of bread allowed to be sold. During this hard time, the young company was able to survive thanks to the hard and careful work of its workers.



Leopold Schöffler, a Master Baker from Basel, founded the company Roland Morat SA in 1939 in Morat. Mr Schöffler was well known as a master baker and more specifically as a specialist of fine bakery products. He learned part of his skill in Germany and in the north of Europe, where he first encountered the Crispbread. Being in the middle of the Swiss « granary », the Morat location was ideal for the founding of his company.


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